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Morecambe Bay from Knowlys Drive, Heysham

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11 March 2019

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Welcome to ""

The Wheatsheaf, Halifax

What is

The focus of this site is the landscape and topography of the Earth and how it has developed over 4.5 billion years. Maps are used in describing the landscape as well as other supporting material. A selection of mapping websites and data resources is provided in the maps section [intended mainly for those who may not be a geo nerd already].

The Features and Earth Sciences sections illustrate many different aspects of the natural and built landscape and associated processes. Our origins lie within the solar system and the cosmos. The Earth Sciences and Cosmos sections will be covered in a later release.

The "Obs" section will offer the occasional commentary on related topics. While the Bio section provide an insight into mapping processes and developments based on a career at Ordnance Survey GB.



The aim is to celebrate the amazing world we live in .... and how it has developed over 13.8 billion years. In doing so we might take more care of it for future generations.

Target Audience

It is hoped that anyone within an interest in the landscape and how it has evolved will find something of interest here.

This ALPHA release

This is the first release and content is far from complete at this stage [some sections are skeletal and a number of images/graphics/references have to located and added yet]. This release is for test purposes. Future releases will extend content in terms of pages and page content.

Occasionally page layout or style might change but URLs should remain static. The Release 2 is planned for autumn 2019 did not happen  of course - though not neglected. Work on some of the components to speed up material, consistency and style is currently being updaken.

Earlier sites

This site both replaces and takes forward an earlier site: [2011 - 2018 and is now discontinued].

More information

You can discover more on the topo-features ABOUT page and you can contact us via the addresses on the topo-features CONTACT page

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