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Features: railway stations

An image gallery of Railway Stations [Source: Flickr - can be viewed at full screen]


Railway Station - a description


Descriptive name

The term Railway Station refers to a collection of festures [an allocated platform is the minimal requirement] where trains stop to pick up or drop off passengers.

Distinctive Name

Some examples of a Railway Station:

The architecture of some of the earlier stations often define the period within which they were built in terms of style, purpose and confidence. More recent recent railway station renovations have also made bold statements such as: Berlin, London and Reading.


Railway Stations are designed to manage the movement of people and number per day vary from a handful thousands: .

  • A major city terminus station
  • A major city through station
  • Suburban/commuter station
  • Town station
  • Rural halt
  • Preserved station

Associated features: underground/subway stations in cities, cafes, restaurants and shops.

In UK many railway lines and stations were closed following the Beeching review in 1963. Some of those lines/stations have been reopened a preserved lines as well as part of the national network eg Edinburgh to Scottish Border towns.

Railway Station: Publication Examples

A selection of maps and documents below demonstrating how a Railway Station can be recorded:

Glasgow Central Station

map missing

Source: 1934 OS 1:2,500 County Series Lanarkshire-VI-10

The map shows the main part of Glasgow Central Station, just north of the River Clyde. It was one of many rail termini in Glasgow - Glasgow Queen Street, to the north, is the only other main station today - the eastern St Enoch station making way for a shopping centre.

The map is an orthogonal view ie looking down, it includes the surrounding buildings and the canopy. The railway tracks and platforms are then omitted. Hardcopy publications limit the flexibility in multilevel structures - but there would have been other options here.

Glasgow Central Station

map missing

Source: 2019 OpenSteetMap

A modern view of Glasgow Central Station - this 85 years later from OpenStreetMap.

This shows more information about the station in terms of the rail tracks and the platforms.

A closer look [click on the map - left - you may need to zoom into central Glasgow] will reveal more about the services in the concourse.

In term of defining what a railway station [for example the extent of a station] - what geography would define Glasgow Railway Station? and what would be your criteria for including some sub-features and not others?

Adelstrop Station

map missing

Source: 1962 Ordnance Survey 1:63,360 7th Series Sheet 144

Adelstrop station in the Cotswolds and the subject of Edward Thomas's poem.

Seen here in 1962 and within four years it will have gone - closed by Beeching's axe.

Read the poem here on the Wikipedia link.


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