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Geographic Names - Overview:

Geographic Names are not features in the way the natural, built or even associated features. A name is something we assign to those entities to distinguish it which might be a descriptive name eg river. Usually we try and be more definitive using a distinctive name. That is not always successful re "River Avon" is a common river name (and has problems of its own).

Names can help is find features and they are often used as lists with coordinates and provide a powerful search and locate mechanism within a digital environment ie a gazetteer.

That works well with places but linear features are more of a problem. Likewise does a mountain name apply to just the summit point - or the body of the mountain? The supporting articles below will explore these issues.

Geographic Names - Examples:

Note this page is still in preparation and more categories will be added in future.


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Ancient people often awarded names to prominent features and many of these have been passed down to us. Previous generations have extended this process and yet there are many feraures that are still unnamed.

This group includes a majestic set of features including: Cliff, Cwm, Mountain, Plain, Scree, Stack, Valley & more. These features existed long before humans and they continue to evolve through erosion and tectonic processes.


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The water group includes given names for all natural water features such as saltwater seas and oceans to freshwater rivers and streams. Collections of water such as pond and lakes as well as water in its frozen form such as glaciers and ice fields are also included.

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