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Feature: River Confluence

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River Confluence - a description

Descriptive name

A confluence occurs where two or more flowing bodies of water join together to form a single channel.

The junction point also defines the datum of the water basin for any subsidiary channel.

Distinctive Name

Some examples of a river confluence:

  • Murray - Darling* [Australia]
  • Rhône - Saône* [France]
  • Mississippi - Missouri* [USA]

*the subsidiary river


A river confluence may be any combination of river and a tributary. In practice it is possible to have all kinds of combinations main: main river or main:minor river main: stream and so on. Rivers also form a confluence where the water rejoins after passing an island.

River Confluence - publication examples

A selection of maps and documents below demonstrating how a confluence might be recorded:

Afon Mawddach & Wnion

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Source: 1962 OS 1:63,360 map

Confluence near Llanelltyd

The map shows the confluence of the Afon Mawddach and Afon Wnion about 2km west of Dollgellau.

The river junction is 10km from the sea at Barmouth but at this point the rivers are are still tidal. The black edge to the river channel indicates this as far as the Nornal Tidal Limit" [NTL]. Beyond that the river banks are shown in blue.


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