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Linked Open Data Cloud April 2019

GeoStrategy | Introduction

Geodata - Taking a Wider Perspective

The listing below appeared on the v2 geostrategy page when it was in placed in the mapping section. It now requires soem additional context setting and a revision.

To be able to fully interact with the world around us in the future we can identify the objectives below.

Note: this is a provisional list.

  • Vector worldwide[1] geodata coverage
  • A suitable resolution geodata for use in immersible technologies [2]
  • A simple geometry only geodata model
  • A 4D model
  • Enabled "floor plans" for any multilevel structure
  • Reuse existing geometry where associated geographies coincide
  • Connect in [ie NOT embeddding] supplementary [ie non-geo] information by explicit links[3]
  • Historical vector data to enable temporal applications [4]
  1. As well as other parts of the universe.
  2. Augmented Reality.
  3. Linked data
  4. Current deletions should be retained, old maps digitised etc

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