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Map Tapestry of the Mediterranean: Seville, Spain 2011

Topography - Overview:

The earliest maps were made in the Middle East in prehistory. The science around map making evolved along with our understanding of the shape of the Earth and the Solar System.

The landscape is also recorded in many other forms: artwork (drawings, carvings, paintings, sculpture, sketches etc), aerial perspectives and literature.

This section attempts to highlight some of those forms.

Note this page is still in preparation and is therefore only partially complete.

Topography - Topics & Links to examples

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Maps Everywhere

A light hearted selection of photos demonstrating maps and topographic representations in everyday life. These vary from simple street signs to some strange and wonderful crafts.

Explore Maps "Everywhere" here....

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Topographic Artwork

Artwork and perspective drawings have always been used to convey the landscape. These might be simple pictures or imaginary views from the air.

Topographic Artwork will be added in future....
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Topo Literature

The is a host of literature from tourist to academic covering the landscape and related topics as well as mapping and exploration..

Topo Literature will be added in future

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