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  • First Published: 01 November 2018

Web mapping sites

There are now thousands of web sites which provide mapping in some form or another. They may provide worldwide coverage or simply support the local community. Many of them are excellent but there are also a large number that are very limited in terms of content, functionality or in some cases reliability.

There are also some additional services that help you find data - these are called " metadata services". These websites provide listings of datasets and in some cases types of web services that are available.

Types of website & resource:

There are so many services now available: online maps, variable coverage, data downloads, different forms of data, data you can link to etc This page addresses group of online maps(see the open data pages for downloads and linked data.

The categories below start at world level and drop to local areas for basic reference data . There are also different themes eg water and transport as well asthe Earth Sciences and views beyond the Earth. We can travel back in time with historical maps and photographs recording features iat past epochs. Finally there are the discovery services for metadata and web services.

Pay to view sites are not included here.

In each case the tab will retrieve all the pages of the sites currently in that category.

NOTE: currently [release 1 early 2019] there is limited content though at least one item per category - more will be added in due course.

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Global - topography

These sites offer world-wide topographic coverage and are widely used. Geographic names have been included in this category.

Global mapping sites....

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National - topography

This set is primarily topographic data at the national level. The data is normally managed by the national mapping agency. In federal nations state mapping agencies usually exist. They perform the majority of the data collection and dissemination tasks leaving the the NMA to coordinate and or manage derived national datasets..

Links to selected examples here....

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Local + Applications

Local authorities and communities have adopted online mapping as a way of communicating with their users. They can be both consumers and creators of data.

Links to selected examples here....

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This section covers the many different forms of data that sit within super classes such as: Environment, Statistics and Transport.

Links to selected examples here....

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Earth Sciences

From earthquakes to the jetstream and the ocean floor the Earth Sciences includes a wide array of specialist data.

Selected sites displaying data from the Earth Sciences.

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Cosmos - beyond the Earth

Detailed mapping may be more limited but there are many forms as well as some leading edge imagery.

Selected sites displaying data from beyond the Earth.

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Historical Mapping

Sites that hold and display historical mapping - usually scans of old maps but also includes images..

Selected Historical Mapping Sites

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Spatial Data Infrastructures & Regional

This group mainly covers spatial data infrastructures at a national or regional level eg continent. It also included global organisations that publish information about selected parts of the Earth.

Links to selected examples here....

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Discovery Services

With so many datasets now available at all levels (global to community) we need to be able to find the one we need, Metadata is data about data and there sites provide that service with an overview of the datsset. As more data goes online as an map that can be embedded in a web page- these services can also be located

Links to selected examples here....


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