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  • First published: 01 November 2018

What is

The aim is to celebrate the amazing world we live in .... and how it has developed over 13.8 billion years. In doing so we might take more care of it for future generations.

Target Audience

It is hoped that anyone within an interest in the landscape and how it has evolved will find something of interest here as well as mappers.

Status of

ALPHA release: This initial release is primarily for test purposes. Therefore the content is far from complete at this stage.

Future releases will extend content in terms of pages and page content. Occasionally page layout or style might change but URLs should remain static.

Next steps?

Release 2 is planned for summer 2019 when the Geosciences and Cosmos sections will be developed. The Bio section will also be extended as well.

Additional items will be added to the maps and features sections as well,


If you have any feedback or comment please get touch - see the details on the the topo-features contact page

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