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This is the second version of topo-features. This version should help speed up content publication as well as create some addtional features.

The short term downside is the need to migrate the previous (CMS-based) site to the new more flexible environment. Rather than wait for all pages to be processed before publishing v3 - the transition will take place in stages.

V3.0 is a TEST RELEASE: all topic pages gave been restored but they have no operating links apart from the Overview section and some utilities.

The remaining pages will be migrated in the forst half of 2021.

KJM 30 December 2020


Read the latest update here: Dec 2020-1 .

Site Status

Version: 3.0.0 [alpha]
Status: under re-construction
Complete: 30% [c/w v2]
Platform: KRYSTAL
Date: 30 December 2020

Last Updated: v1.01 | 29 Dec 2020

Status: Migrated & Updated

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